My name is Tyler Letson, I'm a Storyboard Artist and Animator based in LA and am currently available for full-time storyboard and revisionist opportunities. 

Originally from New Jersey, I have always been fascinated with the art of animation because it's the perfect medium that blends both art and story. The possibilities in an animated world are endless and I hope to continue contributing to teams where together we can take viewers on a wild and compelling ride. I love stories that are epic yet grounded to reality and ones where an absurd character can find joy in the little things in life. 

I have worked as a Storyboard Artist/Director in both children's and adult animation. Recent projects include storyboarding a commercial for DoorDash x Twitch, Storyboarding on Bobby Moynihan's Loafy which premiered on Comedy Central's digital platforms, and storyboard directing on a series for Prime Video with a company called pocket.watch. Additional experience includes storyboarding on shows for Nick Jr, Hulu, and YouTube as well as an internship at Cartoon Network on Craig of the Creek

You can find my storyboard work here! Feel free to contact me (letson1003@gmail.com) for access to my professional/unreleased work as well!

Thank you for checking out my work!


Stay Golden,

Tyler Letson